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To provide quality management education to students who aspire to become future managers and bring in total transformation in their personality which can be accepted by the corporate world and be of use to the industry, society and country.

Just an Introduction..

The MBA program aims to enlighten students on how to make managerial decisions. The program is founded on the belief that the fundamental requirement of a managerial job is to make effective decisions with both academic knowledge and practical exposure, which is understanding the ground realities facing the present corporate world. This program gives ample scope for the students to specialize in their areas of choice like marketing, finance and human resource.

At the Management Studies Department of Bishop Heber College, ideas are born, tested, refined, and taught. Here we create an intense, exhilarating climate of lecturing, discussion and debate across disciplines. Here, ideas compete and people collaborate. In this environment of intellectual stimulation and growth, great teaching and great research thrive.

When you come here with skills in hand and plans in mind, you will learn business practices and the underlying theory that makes them work. You will have access to the newest business concepts before they hit the marketplace, preparing you to identify and capitalize on opportunity first. You will learn from the leading thinkers in business, who respect your unique contributions and demand your best.

Founded in 1988, the Department has created successful Alumni who have started businesses, continued with their own, or taken up managerial posts in the private and public sectors. The Department assists in placement with leading companies with the relationship it has already built in the past.

Our Faculty

Business students are given adequate training and exposure in handling the most modern presentation gadgets. They visit organizations to get firsthand information and they prepare assignments.